Going Ape for Animal

My June Monthly Foodie Roadshow visited Animal. I was expecting rich, heavy dishes full of meat and potatoes, but wow, was I surprised with our meal. We were greeted with dainty small plates full of fresh flavors, deep textures and delicious meat. The flavor combinations were unassuming and original and perfectly paired by wine our bartender selected.

Hamachi tostada, herbs, fish sauce vinaigrette, parmesan

Alaskan halibut, corn, wild fennel, chanterelle, lobster butter

Thai bbq quail, scallion, citrus, cashew, yogurt

Asparagus, crispy egg, pancetta vinaigrette, parmesan

Marrow bone, chimichurri, carmelized onions

My Monthly Foodie Roadshow Crew!

Balsamic pork ribs, tomato and cucumber panzanella

Flat iron, artichoke hash, truffle parmesan fondue

Sticky toffee pudding, mascarpone, orange

Animal. Los Angeles, CA.

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