Truly Obsessed With True Food Kitchen

Since June, I’ve been exploring the path to wellness. It's not that I am not well, it's just that I've started to think past my plate to where my food comes from and how it affects me, and what I can do to optimize my body so I'm operating at 100%. I’ve been seeing a holistic doctor, watching documentaries, reading books/websites/research and exploring a more health-driven lifestyle (for the most part). This desire came as an unexpected shift and has been quite an adventure so far! I'm not on a mission to lose weight (although it's happening as a side affect - yes!), I'm on a mission to be healthy, stave off disease and feel good!

At first, I thought my food-obsessed self would have a difficult time selecting healthier food options, but to be honest, something inside me clicked and it’s been much easier than I thought. The changes I’ve made have started to kick in, and my body feels amazing. It’s almost like a high. And I can’t get enough. And it’s making it easier to continue because I don’t want to lose this feeling!

I’m not going to ever stop being a foodie and I’ll never go vegetarian. I’m not going to go out to eat less and I’m not going to just eat salads. But, I am going to make modifications to what I eat.

This week I joined some friends for dinner at True Food Kitchen in the Santa Monica Place. How have I not heard of this place? This is my new mecca. Everything I’ve been wanting in a restaurant.

True Food Kitchen is all about using simple, fresh, sustainable and local ingredients. Their menu is centered on the principals of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Food Pyramid. According to Dr. Weil, "following an anti-inflammatory diet can help counteract the chronic inflammation that is a root cause of many serious diseases, including those that become more frequent as people age.”

The best part? The meals STILL had intense flavors!!! I know I balk when I hear “healthy,” thinking food with lack taste, but that’s not the case. The meals tasted fresh, were full of flavor, elegantly plated and filling!

We started out with Edamame Dumplings with daikon radish and white truffle oil. Wow.

We also ordered the herb hummus with pita bread, onion, tomato and feta.

I ordered the Panang Curry with brown rice, potato, broccoli, ginger, carrot, mushroom, coconut broth and topped with shrimp. Five years ago I tasted an incredible yellow curry at a small Indian resto in Torrance. Since then I've been searching for this same flavor - my ideal curry. I finally found it... at True Food Kitchen!

Andy's Favorite "TLT" with tempeh, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayo and whole grain bread.

I wish I could eat at True Food Kitchen every day!

True Food Kitchen. Santa Monica, CA.

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