Taking a Bite Out Of "Ludo Baby Bites"

It's all about who you know, right?!?! Well, good thing my cohort knows someone who works at Bugaboo and who invited us to the exclusive screening of Chef Ludo Lefebvre's "Ludo Baby Bites" webisode series, a recent partnership of Bugaboo's! No, I don't have babies, but I'm a huge fan of Chef Ludo (just announced... LudoBites 8.0 will be in January on the Westside... yes!) and love this concept of helping families prepare fresh and healthy food for themselves... and their babies! Definitely was excited to check it out.

Turns out the Bugaboo offices are in El Segundo and super close to my office. We walked into their huge, bright office and I couldn't help but be happy! Ludo, babies and the Ludo Food truck awaited!

Bugaboo did a fantastic job hosting this exclusive screening! Loved all the branded promotional items, which were edible!

The idea of "Ludo Baby Bites" was born at Chef Ludo's wife, Krissy's, baby shower. Chef Ludo was blindfolded and had to taste different baby foods and list the ingredients. He guessed about 30% of the ingredients (and was right!), but questioned why pureed carrots were brown. Carrots weren't brown! It got him thinking about what he would put in the mouths of his seven-month-old twins and "Ludo Baby Bites," a 12 episode web series designed to "promote healthy eating for modern families," was born. 

It's so important what we put in our mouths, and the mouths of our babies. Excited for parents to watch Chef Ludo prepare food that parents AND toddlers can eat! That's healthy and tasty! Perfect for busy parents who are conscious about what they feed their children. Such a fantastic idea!

The icing on the cake? Lunch from the Ludo Truck!

Some of the Bugaboo gang in front of the truck!

The watermelon strawberry agua fresca was refreshing and delicious!

Embarrassed to admit, but this was my first taste of Chef Ludo's infamous fried chicken. I know, I know, I should be ashamed!!! What an incredible spread! The fried chicken was so different than your typical fried chicken. Each piece was a huge hunk of white meat... no mystery meat or dark meat here. It was hot, full of flavor and housed by a thin crisp layer of batter. Not over-fried, not too much batter. As Goldilocks would say, "just right."

The fries? Perfection! The spicy aioli sauce on the side? Fab!

The slaw on the side was delicious. Packed with fresh cilantro, cabbage, onion, Thai basil and jalapenos in a spicy sauce. Refreshing with a kick!

While we were at the Bugaboo offices we got a tour of the Bugaboo store and learned all about their awesome product line. Will definitely keep these products top of mind when I have a baby... eventually ;)

And look, their strollers aren't just for babies!!! Hee hee.

Ludo Baby Bites and Bugaboo.

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