Yes, Chef

Marcus Samuelsson. A Chef I’ve watched on every Food Network show, it seems, and a Chef whom I wished had a restaurant in LA. 

When I read that Chef Samuelsson, of Harlem’s Red Rooster, was coming to LA to promote his new book, Yes, Chef, and would be cooking at Son of a Gun, I picked up my phone and dialed as fast as I could to grab a coveted rezzie. Score!

We nestled into the perfect table by the window and were warmly greeted by the friendly and humble Chef Samuelsson. You could drink in his excitement for cooking and meeting everyone who was eager to eat his food.

Helga’s Pea Soup, Mint, Ginger
Fried Misty Point Oyster, Addis Remoulade

When the spoon hit my mouth I was surprised to be greeted with a cold liquid. Novice me was expecting hotness. I dunked the fried oyster into the thick cool broth and savored the smooth spiciness. Definitely unlike any pea soup I've tasted.

Gravlax, Mustard, Pickled Fennel
Tokyo Salad, Mizuna, Yuzu-Shishito Vinaigrette

This put every lox, bagel and cream cheese bite I had growing up to shame. The combination of pristine gravlax with tart homemade mustard and pickled fennel was sinful.

Fried Yard Bird, Collard Greens, Rooster Sauce
Sweet Corn Salad

Out. Of. Control. Some of the best fried chicken I’ve had. The chicken was so moist and buttery contrasted with the thick, fried buttercream crust. I wanted another piece. Ok, maybe two.

You can tell I didn’t like it ;)

Sweet Potato Donuts, Fennel Ice Cream

The donuts were more doughy that typical doughnuts, which I embraced. I was nervous for fennel ice cream but it was quite good. Didn't taste like much, but that's much better than tasting like fennel!

We were given a copy of Yes, Chef, which I can’t wait to read, and schmoozed with Chef  Samuelsson, who was nice enough to pose for a pic with my crew. 

Overall a lovely evening, although I have a beef with Son of a Gun who charged way too much per glass for mediocre white wine. And my pics did not turn out that good.

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