Gushing Over Guilliams

After my week of incredible gluttony in the Napa Valley at the end of December, I have not done well at posting about all of my foodie adventures! Here is another one to hold you over. 

There are hundreds of wineries in the Valley, and I aspire to one day say I’ve been to half of them. Among my favorites this trip was Guilliams, a small family-run winery in the Spring Mountain district. I lean more towards the small, family-run, non-commercial vineyards so this was right up my alley.

We made an appointment at Guilliams and John Guilliams, the winemaker himself, gave us the intimate tasting… in the vineyard! We sat about four feet from the vines and got to hear all about how he got his start, the wine making process and his love for wine. It felt so personal and special. Definitely a highlight of the trip!

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