Cupcakes Hit The Beach for Baby

I absolutely love cooking. From hors d'oeuvres to entrees, give me an occasion, and I won’t pass up the chance to make something. But baking? Haven’t been bit by that bug yet!! However, I was throwing my best friend her baby shower and decided to take on the task! We decided on a beach theme so after sifting through cute cupcake ideas, I was inspired to make these!

Started off with all the necessities...

Made the sand out of crushed graham crackers!

Made buttercream frosting from scratch!

Died the frosting blue to look like the ocean!

Homemade frosting was ambitous enough! Used batter from a box...

Added some chocolate rocks to the shore!

And... voila! While not perfect, they looked pretty good and tasted delicious!

And had to share the centerpiece and diaper cake since I am obsessed!

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