Unbelievable Night of UnBALLievable Food

Once a month, BREADBAR in Century City departs from its usual fare of bread and bar and invites premier chefs to take over their kitchen for the night. The resto has taken its tradition on the road with the Hatchi Truckstop Series, inviting local food trucks to serve up eight dishes for $8 each one night a month. April's featured food truck was Great Balls on Tires, founded by friends Clint Peralta and Michael Brombart, joined by former Comme Ca Executive Chef, Michael David.

I was so impressed with the depth and sophistication of flavors from this food truck, whose fare surpassed my expectations.

IncrediBall - Snake River Farms "Kobe" Beef Meatball, Applewood Smoked Baacon, Gruyere, Garlic Aiolo, Wild Arugula, Toasted Brioche Bun. My favorite ball of the night. The only negative? I wanted the IncrediBall to be incredibally larger!!!

Ciao Balla - Classic Italian Pork and Veal Meatball, Pancetta Marinara (Amatriciana), Spaghetti, Shaved Parmesan, Fresh Basil. The first time I had this dish, when GBOT's first chef was on board, the balla didn't leave much of an impression. Since Executive Chef Michael David has come on board and revamped the menu, the flavors have been revamped as well. The veal had a kick to it and I couldn't stop eating the al dente spahgetti. I wished there was more sauce.

Ballywood - Garam Marsala Chicken Ball, Coconut Curry, Tomator Chutney, Cilantro Chutney, Basmati Rice, Crispy Onions. The only thing I didn't like about this Indian dish is that it wasn't served with a gallon of the cilantro chutney. So intense and fresh. Love.

Wild Boar Ball - Kurobuta Pork Belly, Sauerkraut. My second favorite dish of the night. The flavors were intense and there was just the right amount of fat to accentuate the flavor without overpowering it or making it too greasy.

Duck Ball - Maple Leaf Farms Duck, Red Cabbage Confit, Napa Slaw. I enjoyed this, but not as much as my friends. Wished it was a bit crispy on the outside.

Mushroom-Fennel Soup - Seitan Sausage. I wish I wasn't so full when this arrived. The soup was packed with flavor and the sausage added a nice spice and texture.

Brown Butter Spice Cake - Banana Cream. I wish I got my friend's reaction on film to her first bite of this dessert. She got lost in the moment and let out a sinful "this is to-die-for" giggle. Each layer had a distinct bold flavor that melted in your mouth.

Vanilla Profiteroles - Chocolate Sauce. Really, GBOT?!?! Are you trying to make me fall more in love with you?!?! This was simply divine. The chocolate sauce was so rich and fresh and heightened the dish. I am regretting not licking the plate.

Still not salivating? Check out Great Balls on Tires.

BREADBAR. Los Angeles, California.


  1. It was definitely a great meal but Grill 'Em All set the bar WAY too high... I left last night a bit disappointed.

  2. Loved the entire menu from GBOT! Especially the desserts, even more reason to love them. GBOT is definitely one of my favorites on and off tires!

  3. @crystal - Bummed I didn't get a chance to experience Grill 'Em All and bummed you didn't have a good experience with GBOT. Regardless, thanks for commenting. Happy eating!

    @LetMeEatCake - The desserts were scrumptious, indeed! I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for the visit!