Oxbow Wine & Cheese Merchant

The Oxbow Public Market in Napa is reminiscent of The Ferry Building in San Francisco, overflowing with luscious delicacies, intoxicating aromas and an incredible wine and cheese bar/shop - Oxbow Wine & Cheese Merchant (location in The Ferry Building too)! We picked out a local wine from the wine shop, selected fresh cheeses for our cheese plate and nestled up to the bar for a fantastic time!

Shot of the Oxbow Wine & Cheese Merchant from within The Oxbow Public Market!

I loved the energy in the bar and the opportunity to pick out my own wine, and cheese, to be served! Felt like a kid in a candy store!

 My all-time favorite cheese, Époisses, a cows' milk cheese from France. Perfection.

Oxbow Wine & Cheese Merchant. Napa, CA.

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