We were reading Napa Valley Life Magazine’s “10th Annual Intriguing Napa Valley People & Places” article and Eiko’s was featured as an intriguing business who brings “modern Japanese cuisine” to Downtown Napa with a twist. 

General Manager, Fellippe Esteves, wants to bring back entertainment to the restaurant scene. And boy, he did! The article mentioned Fellippe’s Dragon’s Breath popcorn and liquid nitrogen lollipops, both prepared tableside. Intrigued! We added Eiko’s to our “must hit” list.

It may be a bit "gimmicky" but guilty... I like a good gimmick! Especially if it has to do with food AND molecular gastronomy! Definitely an experience and definitely worth a stop at Eiko's. Especially since the experience only costs $12!

Check me out!

EikoNapa, CA.


  1. Anonymous2/26/2012

    We love you guys!!!...

    Fellippe Esteves
    Eiko's Napa.

  2. Anonymous11/29/2012

    Wow! looks like a lot of fun. Is it save to eat nitrogen ????