3rd Annual Gold Standard Event

I’d been salivating over LA Weekly's 3rd Annual Gold Standard Food & Wine event since I left the 2nd Annual event last year. In a blissful food coma.

Pulitzer Prize winning food critic, Jonathan Gold, thank you, thank you, thank you… and I want your life! I thrive off your genius and appreciate all the food you’ve introduced me to through your writing.

I roll up to the Peterson Automotive Museum for VIP entrance one hour before the event is opened to the public because, go big or go home. VIP is $20 more (they usually have a day where you get 10% off) and worth every penny. There are less people and you are able to get to the most popular booths that sometimes run out of food early when general admission opens.

You don’t want to read anymore, you want to see pictures, right?!?! Let’s take a journey through my favorite tastes, shall we?

Mozza killed it again for the second year in a row. Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton, who was there, you are chef rockstars! The burrata, as we know I love, was so silky and was complemented perfectly by the fresh pesto, roasted cherry tomato and homemade breadcrumbs. Heavenly.

The grilled cheese from The Foundry was unbelievable. I am slapping my hand because I don't remember what fabulousness they put in it, but I know it was to-die-for. I even went on a beer run for the guys so I could get 1/2 sandwich instead of just a little square. The things I'll do for food :)

Another slap on my hand goes for not going to Bistro LQ yet, which I fell in love with last year. They had some delectable food but Laurent, my Cheese Fairy, was the highlight. I am a self-proclaimed Cheese Whore. The creamier, the better. Laurent made a me a fabulous plate of his cheeses, all which were dripping from the paper wrapping they were each nestled in. OMFG. Incredible.

Like a *good* Jew, I went from cheese... to meat. Oopsy. Braised short ribs? Cut me off a piece of that! Nom nom nom. Thank you, Cut!

Sticking to meat, the bolognese sauce at Eva was killer. 'Nuff said.

And back to cheese, Chef Ludo, thank you for the creamy cheesey goodness. This Cheese Whore licked the cup, full of whipped brie with honey balsamic gazpacho and frisee, clean.

I am a ginormous fan of Drago Centro (check out my review). Ginormous. Their foie gras panna cotta duck confit with beet crouton wins for best presentation and was every bit rich as it was fabulous.

Wrapping up my favorites: Providence. They had such a whimsical set-up with fresh scallops in a leaf "taco shell" dangling from fishing hooks, which were refreshing and succulent. They also served two pineapple gelatins on a stick, which were killer.

Who knew bringing something as simple as a tray could catapult one to rockstar status?!?! The toughest part of the event was balancing all the little plates with delectable bites… and your glass of wine. Lesson learned from last year: bring a tray to put them on. Thank you 1st Annual veterans for showing me the way last year! Nothing gets between me and good food and this made it SO much easier. I felt like I was the belle of the ball because everyone came up and talked to me! Of course it was to ask where I got my tray, but… details. “You’re so smart,” “You should be selling them” and “Why didn’t I think of that?” were just a few of the retorts to “I brought it from home. Learned the trick from last year!” I expect to see more trays in 2012.

All of these enticing bites were consumed with Singha beer and copious amounts of wine from wine tasting alley. Ahhhh... just another blissful Sunday.

My recommendations for next year:
- Gold Standard: Hand out a menu of what was served.
- Attendees: Bring a tray.

Check out all my Gold Standard pics.

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