ONE. Singular Sensation.

One. Singular sensation... every little bite she takes...

I travel across the country and over the border to find myself in one of Toronto's "see and be seen" power lunch hot spots that took me back to the glam of Los Angeles. While not my scene in tinsletown, I loved every minute of this Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) leisurely lunch hot spot. ONE Restaurant in the Hazelton Hotel is every bit as swanky as LA, with Toronto charm, Canadawood glamour and fab.u.lous fare.

I could have left completely satisfied and impressed with just the bread they served. The bread man, who I secretly wished would be my bff, glided around the restaurant with freshly baked sourdough, whole wheat and olive bread. The bread was so light, so fluffy, so warm. Heavenly. You can always tell a restaurant by the quality of their bread and I knew I was in for a real treat at ONE after devouring four pieces (blush).

A favorite of Torontonians, it seems, is black cod. The fish was so tender, so buttery, it melted in my mouth. It was complemented with enoki mushrooms and yuzu sauce, which were a perfectly refreshing pairing.

The fries with truffle oil and parmesan? Addicting. The best part was that the parmesan wasn't just sprinkled on top of the tall vase the fries were nestled in. It was drizzled throughout the layers of luscious fries so you got a little in every bite.

Our waitress was overly pleasant, had an incredible sense of humor and swooped in and out at the perfect times.

One of my favorite things? They have tiny stools at each table for women's purses so they can perch on there, not on the floor. Love it!

Once was not enough at ONE. Can't wait for trip number two!

ONE. Toronto, Canada.

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