Bouchon... C'est Magnifique!

From the sun-drenched park we overlooked in the middle of Beverly Hills as we dined al fresco, to the excellent service, to the mouth-watering menu, to the exquisite food, Bouchon did not disappoint. Our afternoon on the terrace felt like a surreal moment out of a movie.

It’s always much more enjoyable to experience a dining experience like this with someone else who appreciates food as much you do. Who “oohs” and “aahs” over every bite and who gets lost in a daydream after a succulent bite of a sweet heirloom tomato. I am fortunate to have a few select foodie partners-in-crime and today, one accompanied me. We sipped sauvignon blanc in the sun and salivated over the day's specials. “Life. Is. Good.,” I think to myself. “This. Is. Heavenly.”

I am sucker for burrata. Nine times out of 10, if it’s on the menu, I order it. Try as I might to look away and choose something else, it beckons for me. I must indulge. Bouchon’s heirloom tomato and burrata salad arrived at our table like a work of art. The flavors were so fresh, so succulent, so deep. An exquisite and refreshing dish.

The salmon on the salmon salad was cooked to absolute perfection – slightly raw in the middle, excellent texture and crispy shell. The lettuce was crisp and fresh with dressing caressing every leaf.

We can never stop after just a salad. Oy. This is us… foodie partners-in-crime… we cannot leave the table unless we’re bursting at the seam! We needed something savory, something rich. The winner? Roast beef sandwich with blue cheese, caramelized onions and horseradish sauce. Wowee! So many rich flavors but none overpowered the other. Each complemented each other and reached new depths in my mouth.

Complementing the ethereal food and gorgeous scenery was excellent service. When my water glass was 1/2 full, it was refilled. When our dishes were finished, our dishes were whisked away. The staff was friendly, had great recommendations and were very attentive. All combined for a lovely weekend afternoon.

Bouchon. Beverly Hills, California.

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