Flirting With Filets

I’ve been eating meat since I got my first tooth. Ok, maybe my second. I had the luck of having a Grandpa in the meat business so it was T-Bone Steak Fridays and filets-a-plenty. I don’t eat red meat as much anymore but I savor every bite when I do.

Last night I was lucky enough to devour a filet at BLT Steakhouse. In December, a good college friend and I decided to tour one restaurant each month on a Monthly Foodie Roadshow (see our tour on the top left of this page under “The Basic Food Groups.”) This gives us the opportunity to try LA restos on our "must try" list AND ensure we hang out at least once a month (we all know how life gets so busy)! I'd say it's the perfect pairing.

After we ordered we were brought BLT’s infamous Gruyere popovers, which were literally popping over the serving plate. They were light, hot and delicious.

The tower of tuna tartare, avocado and soy-lime dressing approached our table and we spooned heapfuls onto crisscut potato crisps and swooped into our mouths. So fresh. So clean. So good.

I didn’t even have to look at the menu after that. The 8 oz. filet had my name written allllll over it. Medium rare. Could a steak be life changing? Probably not, but this is one of the best steaks I’ve had and I feel like a new woman today. The naturally aged beef was served piping hot and garnished with herb butter and a sprig of thyme.

As I cut into the thick filet I was taken aback by the marbling and tender pink center. Hellooooooo food porn. The outside was slightly crisped thanks to the broil under 1,700 degrees before plating, which locks in the flavor and adds that nice, crisp texture. I dipped each methodically cut bite into a rich blue cheese sauce and got lost in the moment when that bite hit my mouth. Heavenly.

Not that our filets needed any company, but we ordered the brussel sprouts with bacon, which were tender and flavorful, and mac and cheese with Gruyere, bacon, truffle oil and parmesan crust to accompany them, which was just okay.

We capped the evening off with peanut butter chocolate mousse topped with a peanut butter crisp and banana ice cream that looked too pretty to eat. It was decadent, luscious and simply divine.

BLT Steakhouse. Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. Anonymous4/08/2011

    that is the biggest (and squarest) tuna tartare I've ever seen. I secret enjoy BLT Steak lots, despite the fact it's a chain. BLT, Craft, Roy's, all chainy, all very edible.