Hot For Sammy

I keep day dreaming about a sandwich. Strange, right? Not if you’re an eater, and not if you’re me. I want to take you on a little journey to Toronto, Canada, and to my childhood… or my Dad’s childhood, to be exact.

Food is an experience, not just a meal. I love associating good food with good memories. My Dad grew up in Toronto and most of his (our) family lives there so we travel back at least once a year. Out of his childhood group of six close friends, he is the only one that has moved away, so we visit his friends and their families too.

My Dad has fond memories of his childhood around playing hockey in the freezing cold with these five friends. They had a tradition of hitting up San Francesco’s in Little Italy (the original location) after every game and devouring Italian veal sandwiches.

San Francesco packs luscious layers of breaded veal, Provolone cheese and mounds of hot peppers between a fresh Kaiser roll. The pinnacle of the sammy? The hot peppers, which make the sandwiches so hot that when the boys bit into the sandwich they would respond, “HAAAWWWT HAAAWWWT HAAAWWWT” cause their mouths were on fire! Since then the sandwich has been renamed “HA HA.”

My Dad fondly recounts these memories and we make a trip each time we’re in Toronto together to eat a “HA HA.” Just thinking about it makes me hungry! I could soooo go for one right now… they’re hot, and they’re good. Love them for the taste (I love me some spicy food) and to keep my Dad’s memories alive. Order it “hot” if you think you can handle it ;)

Take spicy bite of San Francesco. Toronto, Canada.

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