Hey Culver City, Tap This!

Beer tap. At your table. SOLD!

I was excited to check out Ken Kaufman and Brian McKeaney’s new Culver City watering hole, City Tavern, as I’m a fan of their other hot spot down the street, Rush Street, and heard that City Tavern is the first state approved establishment to offer a computertized draft beer system at its tables – Table Tap booths! Patrons are able to reserve one of three tables and pour their own beer. At their table. Ummm... does it get any better?!?! So much fun!

We had a selection of Telegraph White Ale, Stone IPA and Downtown Brown. I loved the White Ale. Perfect summer brew.

The amount of beer available is based on how many people are at the table and you can reserve one of three tables for up to two hours (there is plenty of other seating, just not with taps at the table).

There were two of us so we had 64 hours before we “tapped out.” It was super fun to try as much or as little of each beer as we wanted. Highly recommend making a reservation and testing these booths our!

I love the distressed brick walls, wood floors and wood tables of the bar. It was pretty busy when we got there during Happy Hour and was packed when we left around 9:00 p.m.

We of course had to get some grub too! The cheesy poofs, essentially fried manchego cheese, were like crack. What could be better than fried cheese? A whole bowl of it! While I was addicted, I would have liked thicker slices of cheese to even out the cheese to fried bits ratio to taste more cheese.

The meatballs with sweet and spicy sauce were ok.

The thyme-roasted 1/2 jidori chicken with baby carrots was fantastic. Flavorful and moist and just fell of the bone.

You know me and Brussels sprouts, if they’re on the menu, I must order them. Made with bacon and preserved lemon, I was a fan.

The baby green salad with pistachios and dried apricots was a nice complement all the bites but was very ordinary.

Overall the food leaned towards being a bit too oily, but I thought the food was better than Rush Street but my friend thought otherwise.

While there are some kinks to work out, one thing stood out to us - we felt pressured to keep ordering more food at our highly coveted table. We weren't being cheap, we just weren't *that* hungry! This made us very uncomfortable. I hope their wait staff (or at least our waitress) refines their approach.

City Tavern. Culver City, California.

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