Hole In One at Hole In The Wall Burger Joint

This burger connoisseur had been dying to try Hole In The Wall Burger Joint after reading Elina Shatkin’s “30 Burgers in 30 Days” in the LA Weekly. Especially since it’s right around the corner from my pad and I love hole in the wall grub.

I was picturing myself frantically walking down a dark alley towards a light peering out of a crevice, but thankfully the shop wasn’t as hard to find as I thought. They’ve got a larger-than-expected low frills indoor and outdoor dining area - perfect ambiance for a burger that doesn't need any fancy accessories or celebrity chefs to attract attention.

Orders are placed by checking off what type of burger you’d like and what you’d like on it (a la The Counter). They stick to the basics but this "Working Man's Gourmet Burger" is anything but basic.

For $7.95 (minus any fancy fixings) you get a ginormous 8 oz. burger made to order. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend the pretzel bun. Did you get that? Highly! Who knew a bun could make such a difference in a burger? I never want to eat a burger on anything but a pretzel bun ever again! It added so much flavor. The meat soaked into the bun and didn’t make it soggy, just accentuated the flavor. I am salivating writing about it.

The patty was so thick and juicy and didn't taste mass produced. The red leaf lettuce, sliced red onions and tomatoes were all fresh and succulent.

Their homemade mustard-pickle relish and ketchup were a sweet complement to the burger. Licking my lips just thinking about it... go!!!

Hole In The Wall Burger Joint. Los Angeles, California.


  1. Anonymous5/06/2011

    is the pretzel bun burnt? or is that a natural color? not sure why but it reminds me of challah.

  2. It's the natural color, not burnt at all. Delicious! You're right, it does kind of look like challah!