Eating Ethiopian

We are so fortunate to have Sarah in our lives. For the past five years, Sarah has been an amazing around-the-clock caregiver for my Grandpa. She is such a warm soul and has become part of the family! She migrated to Toronto from Ethiopia and we’ve been talking about going to an Ethiopian restaurant for ever. This trip, we made it happen!

We met Sarah at one of her favorites, Lalibela Restaurtant, a family operated Ethiopian resto!

We left the ordering up to Sarah! We ordered a vegetarian and meat platter so we could taste a variety of authentic Ethiopian dishes! Both were served on injera, the traditional Ethiopian flatbread with a slightly spongy texture. No utensils were in sight! We ripped the injera apart and scooped up dollops of marinated meats, chickpeas and lentils. Quite an interesting food experience!

The spicy pureed split peas cooked with red onions and garlic were one of my favorites!

We tasted Ethiopian honey wine, which was uber sweet and tasted like honey!

After our meal we got treated to the most memorable part of the lunch… Ethiopian coffee with the traditional ceremony! Our waitress freshly roasted coffee beans and brought the smoking pot over for us to view and take in the aroma.

Once the coffee was prepared, it would brought over and served with incense and popcorn, another Ethiopian tradition! Sarah explained that coffee is a daily tradition in Ethiopia. It’s more than just a cup, it’s a moment for yourself and she makes it daily to feel like she’s at home. Much thicker and stronger than Starbuck’s, it definitely needed some sweetness added to it but perked me right up!


Lalibela. Toronto, Canada.

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