Fatto Con Amore Dalla Tua Mamma Italiana

We were walking around Little Italy in Toronto, and my Dad eyed Marinella Italian Restaurant. It was winking at him, so we decided to go in and indulge. We were happily greeted by John, one of the owners (family-owned and operated), who ran the front of the house. We of course sat at the bar and the night began! We decided on a fantastic bottle of Primitivo, and pocketed a Malbec recommendation from the Argentinian waiter. Must go purchase as it’s my favorite wine right now!

Throughout our meal, we engaged in fantastic conversation with the John. Such friendly people in Toronto! And at the bar! I love talking with fellow passionate foodies and talking with the bartender/waiter definitely adds to the meal! I always walk away with some interesting local tip or factoid I never would have gotten had I been sitting at a table for two.

John encouraged us to start out with the burrata, tomatoes and beets served with olive oil imported from Italy. The burrata was made from local Ontario cream! The tomatoes were meaty and the burrata tasted so silky and smooth.

When I see seafood linguine on a menu, I’m done for. I have to have it! The seafood linguine was piled high with shrimp, P.E.I mussels, Alaskan king crab legs and a lobster tail in a homemade Marinella sauce. They also make all their own pastas and pizza. I refuse to eat boxed noodles again! It was delicious and tasted like my Italian Mom was in the back cooking it... oh wait, she was! All the food is prepared my the family-run restaurant's Mom (front of the house owner's Mom)!

My Dad ordered the Veal Parmiggiana, as it brought back memories of dinner growing up as this was a favorite of his Mom’s to cook. The portion of tender grain fed veal, breaded and lightly fried, topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese was ginormous!

By the end of the meal we were fast friends with John. He said we weren’t allowed to leave Toronto without a piece of his Mom’s homemade ricotta cheesecake, which he brought to us on the house. Wow. The ricotta texture makes for such a unique, rich cheesecake experience. Loved it with the graham cracker crust!

Eating at Marinella Restaurant is like eating at home. If your Mom were Italian! I loved the comfort food, the conversations, the ambiance and the elegant resto decor.

Marinella Restaurant. Toronto, Canada.

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