Have A Souper Day!

Checked out The Soup Bar today at lunch in El Segundo. Perfect day for it as it was cold and ominous out. 

Felt very "Starbuck's"-esque! Super cute concept!

I had The Soup Tasting Flight with three soups - Turkey Chili, Tuscan Vegetable Bean and Butternut Squash with Ginger and Lime. Each was delicious but the Turkey Chili was the standout! You can order just soup, soup and salad and a variety of other combos. I learned that their menu has four staple soups, which are served all the time, and the other few rotate on a weekly basis. Check their website for the current soups!

A thick slice of fresh sourdough, multigrain, malted brown or rosemary-sage, is served with your soup and there is an adorable olive oil can on each table!

The Soup Bar. El Segundo, CA.

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