Toronto's Corned Beef Emporium

I went to Toronto with my Dad to visit my Grandpa (his Dad), who is 89-years-old and my last living grandparent. We arrived early evening and wanted to grab a quick snack before heading to the nursing home to see my Grandpa. What happens to be down the block? Katz’s Deli and corned beef emporium! We entered the cafeteria-style resto and I was a bit confused on where to go/what to do, but I followed my nose, which directed me towards the meat slicer! There were dishes of pickles, coleslaw and peppers to pick up along the way. The meat man was super friendly as he sliced smoked meat for our sammy on rye.

While the establishment wasn't too glamorous, the smoked meat sandwich was delicious and HUGE! I don't need a fancy shmancy place to enjoy a legit sammy. My Dad and I split the sandwich, but truth be told, I could have polished it all myself ;)

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