Falling for Frank

In preparation for any trip to Toronto, I always research the latest hot spots of deliciousness. Toronto is teaming with incredible restos and I must indulge at least once or twice on my yearly trip. This trip was just me and my Dad so knowing our savory meats and potatoes kind of taste, I honed in on Frank’s Kitchen for our first night out.

My parents started the family trend of sitting at the bar as it’s always fun to talk to the bartenders and meet people at the bar. Especially when on vaca. I loved the ambiance of Frank’s Kitchen. Pristine, polished and sophisticated. As we nuzzled up to the small bar, our eyes grew big as we eyed the plates to our left. Yes, we had selected the right place.

We ordered a bottle of wine and were greeted with fresh baked bread. Chef/owner Frank Parhizgar spends four hours every morning baking fresh bread for the evening. I could taste all the work that went into each piece. Delicious! The bread was and served with two tantalizing smears of roasted sun-dried tomatoes and olive tapenade. Wow. That would have been a meal in and of itself!

The Chef sent out an incredible amuse bouche! What a surprise! Very classy, Chef Parhizgar, keep 'em coming!!!

While not terrible hungry, the milk-fed Ontario lamb - rack, loin, braised shoulder & grilled sausage in a Syrah reduction with ratatouille & white bean puree kept winking at me. F*ck it. I had to have it. When the dish arrived, I was taken aback and speechless, as this work of art took my breath away. This picture does not do this dish any form of justice. Each element was gingerly placed on the plate to create this masterpiece and there was intense flavor in every bite.

My Dad ordered a charctuterie plate. Shocker. Loved the colorful pickled vegetables and the pate served alongside it with more fresh baked bread! We asked for more bread to finish off the plate, and at first the waitress said they only make a certain amount of bread daily and that if everyone were to have more, Chef Parhizgar would have to bake for six hours a day. Seriously? Don’t make me feel bad for asking for more bread. I want to respect the Chef as he spent four hours slaving over this impeccable bread, but, come on! I want more bread!!! I'm sure someone else didn't eat their fair share :) She did find us two more pieces so we were thrilled.

While stuffed, I was not leaving without trying a dessert. The trio dessert special sounded sensational. There was a chocolate lava cake, homemade cherry sorbet and a milkshake!

The night would have been perfect if our waitress was a bit more friendly. She had a bit of an attitude, which I could have done without, and her way of handling our ask for more bread was a turnoff. Other than her, I highly highly recommend indulging at Frank’s Kitchen if you ever get to Toronto!

Franks' Kitchen. Toronto, Canada.

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